Fugitive Report:

Name: Vislor Turlough

Fugitive Docket Number: 458/126-Z1

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Planet of Origin: Trion
Trion Rank: Junior Ensign Commander
Trion ID Code: VTEC 9/12/44
Specialist Field: Astrophysics
Height: 174 cm
Hair Color: Reddish blond
Eye Color: Blue

History of the Fugitive

At the age of 15 standard Trion years, Vislor Turlough was known to be a member of the opposing faction of the new Trion Regime. For his political views, Turlough was exiled to a primitive planet known to the natives as Earth. His mother, for her extremist views, was killed by the new Regime, while his father and younger brother were exiled to the prison world Sarn. Trion Agent Sartanack installed Turlough in a school system in the country called Great Britain. Brendon Court School for Boys would be home for Vislor Turlough for three more years. The local date of the start of his exile was 1980CE.

The total time of Turlough's exile was to last 5 years. Thereafter he would be returned to Trion to help the current regime in his specialized field of astrophysics. If Turlough refused again to help the new regime, his father and brother were to be executed. Before Turlough's exile was up, Trion Agent Sartanack, stationed in Chancery Lane, informed the new regime that Turlough was no longer on Earth. Investigations began to discover where the young man had escaped to.

Rumors of Gallifreyan involvement began to spread at this time. The Time Lords denied any knowledge of Turlough's escape, but Trion Security was informed that a Gallifreyan Renegade known as the Doctor was seen in the area of Brendon Court, local time 1983CE. Stories containing such speculations as to Turlough's adventures with this Time Lord have been circulating, and some have been made into simulations. Whether the films show the truth or not, they are entertaining. The following is a list of these films (note that they are simulations derived from actual places and events. Due to some computer troubles, there are some effects which look a little fake. Use the imagination to overcome these defects and the films will be even more entertaining). Some of the sims have links to a second page. For those sims we have some sample sounds.

Mawdryn Undead
Vislor Turlough makes a pact with the Black Guardian to kill the Renegade Time Lord called the Doctor. Although unsuccessful at killing the Doctor, Turlough joins the Time Lord and his two companions, Tegan and Nyssa.
Turlough and Tegan skulk about in the service ducts of a ship bound for Terminus, a space center at the center of the universe where people infected with Lazar's Disease are sent to be cured. Nyssa decides to stay on Terminus to help.
Turlough and the others land on a ship belonging to the Eternals - beings that live outside of Time. Turlough makes a deal with one of the Eternals in order to break free from the influence of the Black Guardian, but it is the Doctor who helps him to do this.
The King's Demons
On Earth during the time of King John, an imposter sets out to defame the King. Turlough is locked in a dungeon for much of this adventure, but his wit is displayed in this sim.
The Five Doctors
This sim focuses on the Doctor more than anyone else - there are 5 of him present, as indicated by the title. Turlough spends most of him time in the Doctor's ship (the TARDIS) with the Doctor's granddaughter, Susan.
The TARDIS arrives on Earth again, this time to visit Tegan's Grandfather, Andrew Verney. Turlough gets to know Verney well as they spend a substantial time locked together in a barn.
Warriors of the Deep
Arriving in Tegan's future on Earth, Turlough and the others find themselves preventing a world war and a takeover attempt by Native Earth Reptiles (often miscalled Silurians and Sea Devils).
Turlough finds himself in a living nightmare when they arrive on Frontios. His race memory about Tractators is pulled from the recesses of his mind when people start being swallowed by the earth.
Ressurection of the Daleks
Turlough learns firsthand about the viciousness of Daleks when the TARDIS lands on Earth in the present. So many people die from the Dalek's latest attempt for universal domination that Tegan decides to remain on the Earth.
Planet of Fire
Kamelion, a shape-changing robot who joined with the Doctor after he stopped playing at King John, steers the TARDIS towards Lanzarote, Earth. Turlough saves the life of an American girl named Perpugilliam Brown just before the TARDIS is transported to Sarn. Turlough meets his brother again and finds out that his father has been killed. He then signals Trion Command to rescue the inhabitants of Sarn from the volcano. He finds that his exile has been rescinded.

Simulations are not the only way to hear about Turlough's adventures with this Doctor. Several books and fanfiction tales have been written about the notorious Trion. The following is a breakdown of these stories, with links to some that can be found in the Information Network.

Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma
This story by Tony Attwood tells of Turlough's adventures shortly after returning to Trion. The key feature in it is his invention of the ARTEMIS Device - a time machine that can transport him through time.
The Crystal Bucephalus
A sim has not been made of this adventure with Tegan and the Doctor. The three of them arrive at the Doctor's temporal restaurant, the Crystal Bucephalus. This was written by Craig Hinton.
Lords of the Storm
This tale by David McIntee was also not made into a sim. It takes place after Tegan leaves the Doctor.
A Vidalian in the Vortex
This was a roleplay done by fans of Vislor Turlough and the renegade Doctor. There seems to be little truth in this story about the Fourth Doctor, Ben Jackson, and Turlough helping to save an Earth retirement home from alien invasion.
Animal Magnetism
This roleplay also holds little truth to it, since it concerns Turlough, the Seventh Doctor, and Harry Sullivan on a planet of lion people threatened by a colliding asteroid.
1776 - A Farce in Half an Act
This roleplay was done mostly for laughs. It concerns post-exile Turlough meeting the Fifth Doctor and Grace Holloway in 1776 on Earth in America.
Susan, the Doctor's Granddaughter, is explained in this story by Robin Carroll-Mann.
Decision Time
Vislor Turlough knows what he wants, and how to achieve it. But should he? Story by Trina Short, Artwork by Elsa Frohman.
The Three Masters
Michael R. O'Brien has "found" the untelevised Master story which stars the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough and guest stars the Third Doctor, the Brigadier, and three Masters (including Ringo Starr).
Young Daleks in Love
Elsa Frohman explains where little Daleks come from.

The current whereabouts of Vislor Turlough are unknown. He has deserted his position at the main astrophysics laboratory on Trion and has left nothing but this simple note:

If you have any knowledge of the whereabouts of Vislor Turlough, please let our security forces know.

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