BBC Radio 4
Whatever Happened to Susan Foreman?

Air Date Jul. 9, 1994

With Jane Asher as "Susan", Andrew Sachs as "Temmosus Skyedron".
Written by Adrian Mourby. Produced by Brian King.

Synopsis: This seering documentary explores the mysteries behind a thirty year old disappearance (sort of).


A Review by Stuart Gutteridge 20/9/98

For those Doctor Who fans who enjoy the series for its continuity, this BBC Radio 4 production originally broadcast is not worth listening to. For the fans who don`t take the show seriously, this can be quite funny. Jane Asher plays Susan and succeeds in making her sound younger than she actually is supposed to be.

The play starts off as an investigation by a journalist into the activities of Susan`s background. Whether it is trying to develop her character is debatable, as it goes against established Doctor Who. It purports than Susan`s parents were running a shop selling "concepts" in London, 1963, and some six months later she and her grandfather arrived from France and whisked two teachers away in a police box, capable of travelling through time and space. There are also interviews with Ian Chesterton (who thought Susan was mad, denied all knowledge of time travel and was partly responsible for a psychiatric report on Susan.) Barbara Wright is also interviewed but now appears to have become an alcoholic, recluse. Things get even more ludicrous when Temmosus the Thal is interviewed stating that he and Susan often meet for coffee, and the only reason he allowed Ian to help the Thals fight the Daleks, was that he was a guest on the planet Skaro.

One aspect of the play that is interesting, however, is Susan`s apparant jealousy and resentment of the Doctor, claiming he was showing off and that "driving" the TARDIS was like "driving a mini" (despite the fact that she never did). The Claire Raynor segment is actually quite amusing, with Susan writing to her from 1794 Paris with her worries about Ian`s bloodlust after fighting the Daleks.

But what tops it all is that when the Doctor regenerates, he is always younger looking, and the interview with Jo Grant (who seemed to think that Susan secretly lusted after her grandfather) also reinforces Susan`s jealousy. This sort of statement is laughable and quite frankly is both insulting to the show and very funny at the same time.

Listen to this only if you can suspend your disbelief and are prepared for a good laugh, otherwise avoid it like the plague.