The Ultimate Adventure
A Stage Play

Dates Mar. 23, 1989 - Jun. 3, 1989
with Jon Pertwee
Apr. 29, 1989
with David Banks
Jun. 5, 1989 - Aug. 19, 1989
with Colin Baker
The Banks Doctor

With Jon Pertwee, David Banks (as the Doctor for one night only) or Colin Baker,
Graeme Smith, Jason Bingham, Rebecca Thornhill.
Written by Terrence Dicks. Directed by Carole Todd.
Produced by Mark Furness.

Synopsis: A U.S. Envoy is in danger from the Daleks, and the Doctor is (again) Earth's only hope.


A Review by Stuart Gutteridge 17/11/98

This review is based on a production with Colin Baker

The most recent foray for Doctor Who spin-offs would have to be when the show headed to the stage. Video spin-offs had begun with Wartime and radio continued this trend with Slipback. Written by Terrance Dicks, the stage seemed like an ideal continuation for Doctor Who, and The Ultimate Adventure was the fourth and most successful of them all.

Featuring both Colin Baker and Jon Pertwee as the Doctor (on seperate occasions), it is a mixture of classic Doctor Who and pantomimesque entertainment. Combining action/adventure and humour, Terrance Dicks manages to produce what was at best a workmanlike script, which recognised the limits of attempting to transfer Doctor Who to the stage. Fortunately, thanks to some clever lighting effects, it comes across as being something enjoyable in places.

However it also suffers from being cliched featuring the return of two old enemies, some wooden characterisation for the companions, and embarassing moments when characters burst into overlong songs. The one constant was the performance of Colin Baker in the lead role of the Doctor, whose character remained unchanged, despite the fact he`d left the role some years previously.

As family entertainment, The Ultimate Adventure works, but as Doctor Who, it fails dismally.