Journey's End
The Stolen Earth/Journey's End
The Stolen Earth

Story No. 214 So that's why the bees disappeared.
Production Code Series Four Episode Twelve
Dates June 28 2008

With David Tennant, Catherine Tate
Written by Russell T Davies Directed by Graeme Harper
Executive Producers: Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner.

Synopsis: The Earth and twenty six other planets have been transported to the other side of the universe.


A Review by Graham Pilato 5/3/10

A lot like the overblown Exit Wounds from the end of this past season of Torchwood, I couldn't possibly recommend this episode, especially as it appears everyone else is about to. I honestly don't mind fanwank (the notion of including a whole lot of stuff, usually old continuity, in a new story just for the sake of fans going "Squee!") if it's apparent in a way that doesn't detract from enjoyment of the primary story. But when the little meaningless things that show up just to make a tiny population of fandom happy actually start becoming the premise for a story, it had better be damn well written and thought out, or I'm usually not even remotely interested.

And this was totally ridiculous. No spoilers. But whoa, what a dose of fanwank! The walls shook. The cliffhanger is unbelievable. And, well, the nonsense between start and finish, just like with Torchwood's Exit Wounds, can almost be totally forgiven when we get a story that has 27 planets in the night sky above Earth... suddenly. Wow.

RTD, I'm not even remotely interested in this plot... except to see what happens next. Forget your ridiculous return of the huge spoiler bad guy, this is all about your cliffhanger.

4/10 - too huge to slam, too ridiculous to stand (I suggest watching just once all the way through, and then fast forwarding through everything not featuring the sky above Earth and the Medusa Cascade during future viewings.)