Big Finish Productions
Shadow of the Sun

Written by Robert Valentine Cover image
Format Compact Disc
Released 2020

Starring Tom Baker, Louise Jameson and John Leeson

Synopsis: After an accident, the TARDIS lands on a luxury starliner. Leaving their ship to repair itself, the Doctor, Leela and K9 find themselves facing a great terror: mingling at a cocktail party. Something seems awry behind the pleasantries, however. Guests are going missing, and equipment is breaking down. When the Doctor investigates further he discovers that the starliner is literally on course for disaster. But no one seems surprised by this information, still less troubled. What's going on? And can the Doctor and his friends save everyone... when nobody wants to be saved?


Here Comes The Sun by Matthew Kresal 1/11/21

There's an old Chinese curse that says, "May you live in interesting times." For the last two years or so, it seems that people the world over have been doing just that. The creative folks at Big Finish were no exception to the Coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing and lockdown measures taken, but they worked through the situation and created new audio dramas via the power of modern technology. One of those, initially set for release in 2024 as part of the thirteenth season of the Fourth Doctor Adventures, came out in May 2020, as something of a proof of concept. So how does Shadow of the Sun stack up?

Writer Robert Valentine (who has a track record of audio dramas including the awarding-winning Cold War alternate history thriller Red Moon) has certainly crafted an intriguing tale. The Fourth Doctor, Leela and K-9 find themselves on a space liner with a cocktail party going down. It soon becomes apparent that things aren't quite as pleasant on board as it first appears, thanks to equipment failures, a passenger going missing and a pseudoscience cult. In short, Valentine has all the ingredients necessary for a cracking good Doctor Who story.

To Valentine's credit, his script delivers one. Shadow of the Sun is compelling from its opening scene that could give Robert Shearman a run for his money as a black-comedy opener for a piece. The pace continues to build through the cliffhanger with the gradual sense of something being wrong and the eventual race against time. Along the way, the script raises some fascinating questions about pseudoscience, the willingness to believe despite all evidence, and those who would take advantage of them. Valentine's dialogue also captures the dynamic of this TARDIS crew incredibly well, right up to the final scene where Tom Baker and Louise Jameson play off of each other wonderfully. If you're looking for something that highlights Big Finish's storytelling abilities, here's a script that does that in spades.

Shadow of the Sun is also well-told as a production. The cast is spot-on, led by Baker and Jameson, who both hand in strong performances, especially in scenes in the story's back half when trying desperately to convince those onboard of what's coming. Supporting them is Paul Herzberg as the pseudoscientist Dr. Suleiman Zorn and Fenella Woolgar (who played Agatha Christie in The Unicorn and the Wasp) as his patron, Lady Malina Rigel-Smythe. Herzberg is perfect casting for the role of a seemingly reasonable person making, and selling, extraordinary claims, with Woolgar offering up a delicious parody of the wealthy and celebrity types who help give such things credibility. Rounding off the cast is the ever-dependable John Leeson as the voice of K-9 (and a passenger early on) and Barnaby Edwards in the dual roles of the ship's first officer and computer, the latter of which sees him putting on his best comic airs. Their performances are brought out by the sound design of Toby Hrycek-Robinson and the music score from Jamie Robertson, the latter of whom neatly evokes both Dudley Simpson's and Modern Who's TV scores. Truth be told, if Big Finish hadn't said they had recorded this under lockdown at remote locations across the UK, you'd never tell the difference from one of their regular productions in recent years. It sounds that good!

As a proof of concept for recording audio drama during COVID-19, Shadow of the Sun is a massive success. Just as importantly, perhaps, it's also a strong story that showcases everything Big Finish have excelled at doing with Doctor Who over the last two decades. If you've not heard a Big Finish Doctor Who adventure before, do yourself a favor and get this one. If only to escape the world we're living in for seventy minutes or so. And, perhaps, discover a whole universe of adventures you've missed out on before.