The Sands of Time
Pyramids of Mars

Episodes 4 Has Sutekh destroyed 1980?
Story No# 82
Production Code 4G
Season 13
Dates Oct. 25, 1975 -
Nov. 15, 1975

With Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen.
Written by Stehpen Harris. Script-edited by Robert Holmes.
Directed by Paddy Russell. Produced by Philip Hinchcliffe.

Synopsis: The Doctor faces the ancient god Sutekh, who is engineering his release from captivity and preparing to slaughter all living beings in the cosmos.

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Proof that Robert Holmes is one of the best by Clement Tang 12/9/12

After seeing so many good reviews of this serial, I thought I may as well try and find the entire story and watch it. Considering that Robert Holmes wrote it, I was expecting a great story, and that's what I got.

The plot was well written. An Egyptian god breaking free from his prison to destroy all life, Sutekh's voice gives you the chills. How cold and menacing he is! Props to the actor for his excellent portrayal. The other supporting cast are also brilliant. You can really pity Laurence. He cares a lot of his brother that he refuses to believe he's gone for good. And Marcus Scarman was well played as the servant of Sutekh. But then, considering the actor played Bragen in The Power of the Daleks, I should have known he would be good.

I love the chemistry between the Doctor and Sarah Jane. They are one of the best pairings in the show. And Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen (may she rest in peace) are superb here. You can really tell the actors were enjoying themselves here.

The dialogue is one of the best in history. Just watch the TARDIS pair converse in their first scene for proof. Other great lines include Sutekh's "Wherever I go, I leave nothing but dust and darkness. I find that good." and the last few lines at the end. "We don't want to blamed for starting a fire? Had enough of that in 1666." Excellent, Holmes. Just excellent.

There is one flaw in this, and that's the simple ending. Sending Sutekh further in time to prevent him from reaching Earth? That's a bit too easy to defeat an all-powerful Osirian. But other than that, one of the finest gems Holmes has ever made.