The Chase
Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD
Venusian Lullaby
The Dalek Invasion of Earth

Episodes 6 ''We are the masters of Earth!''
Story No# 10
Production Code K
Season 2
Dates Nov. 21, 1964 -
Dec. 26, 1964

With William Hartnell, William Russell,
Jacqueline Hill, Carole Ann Ford.
Written by Terry Nation. Script-edited by David Whitaker.
Directed by Richard Martin.
Associate Producer: Mervyn Pinfield. Produced by Verity Lambert.

Synopsis: The Daleks return as masters of Earth in the 22nd century, crushing a small band of resistance fighters and capturing the Doctor.

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A Review by Paul Williams 2/3/19

The second story featuring the Daleks is much stronger the first, inspired by the second world war rather than the threat of nuclear conflict. The Bedfordshire camp and the treatment of the humans resembles Auschwitz, and, as the Daleks talk of the final solution, you are encouraged to make the Nazi comparison. Pitted against them is the spirit of the blitz epitomised in Dortmund. This time Terry Nation excels in characterisation, bringing the rebels to life as individuals and giving the regulars plenty of action. Susan's romance with David is nicely plotted, and the Doctor's farewell speech is magnificent.

The problem is the Daleks themselves. Visually, they look more sophisticated and impress when patrolling through occupied London. Such scenes make a mockery of the Doctor's claim that their demise on Skaro is millions of years in the future, until you realise how stupid they are. One rises from the Thames where it had no reason to be. Then they leave a convoluted intelligent test in the saucer cell, to identify the Doctor as someone suitable for robotization and almost immediately proceed to robotize the less intelligent Craddock. They spend ages making a big hole in the earth for an explosive to release the molten core, then fail to protect both the device and the base before being easily defeated. Barbara and Jenny demonstrated how easy it was to control the Robomen, so the Daleks, instead of exterminating them, leave them imprisoned and unsupervised in the same room.

Nation attempts to keep the Daleks in the background, but the Slyther and alligator, whilst adding to the sense of danger, are, like the Robomen, ineffective substitutes. The Daleks missed their opportunity to dominate.