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Daemos Rising

Released Produced by
2004 Reeltime Pictures

Featuring: Miles Richardson, Beverley Cressman, Andrew Wisher and Ian Richardson. Written by David Howe.

The Plot: A terror from the future attempts to summon a Daemon from its slumber.


A Review by Stuart Gutteridge 10/5/04

The first new Reeltime drama in roughly four years is largely a success. Featuring Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and Douglas Cavendish from Downtime, the plot centres on the machinations of a terror from the future and its efforts to summon a Daemon from its slumber. In essence Daemos Rising is a ghost story and for the most part a two hander. As such, David Howe`s script benefits from strong characterisation for the two leads.

Similairly the acting is of such a high standard from Miles Richardson and Beverly Cressman that you can`t really fail to be impressed. Add to this atmospheric location filming and a subtle score and what you`re left with is a winner; which leaves the possibility of a sequel open-ended.

DVD EXTRAS: OK, they`re spartan, totalling no more than thirty minutes, but they`re still welcome. The longest is a 20 minute video diary, that chronicles the making of the production. But we also get featurettes on the making the special effects, the music, the location and a mini-interview with Barry Letts and Robert Sloman. So not bad value for money, all said.