BBV's Familiar Faces, New Adventures
Zygons: Homeland

Format Compact Disc Cover image
Running Time 60 mins
Produced by BBV

Directed and Produced by Bill Baggs

Synopsis: The Zygons attempt to invade Earth


A Review by Stuart Gutteridge 13/8/99

With so many various audio ranges now available to the public from various companies, one might be tempted to groan inwardly at the advent of yet another new series. Fortunately BBV have managed to avoid this, by having a reputation of producing solid, strong videos featuring "monsters" from Doctor Who (notably Auton and Auton 2:Sentinel). By capitalising on their reputation, and continuing the series on audio featuring other races was an inspired move, and with Zygons: Homeland it shows.

Building on their potential, as already formidable foes, makes this sound even better, especially as they are vocally recreated authentically. What makes Homeland really special, however are the characters, they come across as being normal people and are played as such, especially the character of Guy Dean. In fact the characters almost overshadow the plot at times, which is basically just an invasion of Earth type story.

With characters you can relate to, suitably fitting incidental music and a straightforward plot, Zygons: Homeland is an audio adventure you can listen to repeatedly, and still find something new to enjoy.