BBV's The Wanderer
Vital Signs

Format Compact Disc The CD 
Running Time 60 mins
Produced by BBV

Starring Nicholas Briggs and Richard Franklin
Post-production and music Harvey Summers.
Directed by John Ainsworth.
Assistant Producer John Ainsworth.
Producer Bill Baggs

Synopsis: In search of lost memories, the traveller known as 'Fred' makes his way to the Museum of Universal History and Cosmographies, on the carefully controlled planet of Ephestus. Things, however, are not as they should be. The weather is unseasonably snowy, and worse, strange wolf-like creatures have been seen at the perimeters of the capital city. With the wolves becoming ever bolder and the conditions ever more difficult, Fred makes for the museum which he is sure holds the answer to the mystery...


A Review by Stuart Gutteridge 30/8/02

Vital Signs is a definite improvement over Nicholas Briggs' previous outing as The Wanderer, Fred. For starters it is much more involving than Cyber-Hunt, the characters are more likeable and Briggs seems far more settled in the role. The setting of a museum also adds a touch of ambience to the overall production. The only thing that doesn`t work so well is the use of wolves in the plot, which are generally more effective in a visual story (although Loups-Garoux has proved to be the exception.) Amongst the supporting players Richard Franklin comes off best, but a variety of accents afforded to the rest of the cast add to the overall feel of what is generally an accomplished production.