BBV's Familiar Faces, New Adventures
Sontarans: Conduct Unbecoming

Format Compact Disc Cover image
Running Time 60 mins
Produced by BBV

Directed and Produced by Bill Baggs

Synopsis: General Bestok is a hero of the Sontaran Empire. His battles have been fought according to certainties programmed into his very being. However questions are coalescing at the back of his mind. Why is he being given illogical orders? What has really brought Field Marshall Drell all the way from their home planet to the front line and what is the meaning behind his cryptic remarks?


A Review by Stuart Gutteridge 29/1/03

Conduct Unbecoming is probably the weakest of the three BBV Sontaran audios to date, plot wise. It is difficult to put your finger on why it doesn`t quite gel as it should. Characterisation is cliched to an extent, Maria is a fortieth century kick ass girl (are there any females from modern day cult TV who aren`t?) and John Wadmore gives his usual steady performance as Bestok, one half of two Sontarans who appear. Anthony Keetch`s Drell is more enjoyable to listen to as he portrays the Sontarans to their strengths eg fierce loyalty and endless armies. Climaxing on Sontar itself, Conduct Unbecoming just proves that audio battles are not wise and war councils are better suited to the Sontarans.