BBV's Audio Adventures in Time and Space
The Quality of Mercy

Format Compact Disc
Running Time 60 mins
Produced by BBV

Producer Bill Baggs
Written by David McIntee

Synopsis: A foreign sailor is captured. He looks like a man but his clothes and language hint of something more. Or perhaps something less. And just what kind of ship sails through the sky? The answers can only be found by the Inquisition. But the Inquisition soon discover that some questions are too dangerous and some answers too sensitive. Soon their fate, and that of their prisoner, become bound up with the town's second visitor - a disgraced former Templar Knight turned wandering mercenary, Guy de Carnac.


A Review by Stuart Gutteridge


David McIntee`s Sanctuary showed a lot of promise and by taking one of the central characters in Guy De Carnac and transferring him to audio, BBV manage to present a story largely devoid of sci-fi trappings and as a result this is highly enjoyable. However despite the premise, not a lot happens, there is talk about the nature of reality (which tires quickly) and the pacing of the tale lets it down as things fail to progress storywise. This is a shame, as the potential for an engaging drama is certainly very much in evidence.