Faction Paradox: Movers

Format Compact Disc
Running Time 60 mins
Produced by BBV

Written by Lawrence Miles

Synopsis: The demise of Earth was followed by a period in which there was, effectively, no such thing as the human species; a period in which humanity suddenly found itself released from its heritage, with genetic manipulation and vast tracts of space separating the survivors from everything they'd once been.


A Review by John Seavey 25/5/04

At this point, we may all bow down and worship Lawrence Miles for creating my favorite character ever ever ever in the form of Shuncucker, "Last Scion of the Faction Homeworld". Gorgeous, homicidal, charming, self-possessed, and utterly mad, she's oddly like a combination of Elizabeth from 'Blackadder II' and Jane from 'Coupling'... armed with a weapon every bit as terrifying as Justine's and ready, willing, and able to slaughter everyone who looks at her funny. Her dialogue is absolutely stunningly hilarious in its loopy viciousness, and I nearly hurt myself when she finds Justine for the first time. I could definitely listen to an all-Shuncucker audio.

There's also loads of other good and interesting stuff here, as the story moves to the Homeworld prison planet and the post-humans get involved and loads of exciting things happen and we get flashbacks to Justine's first meeting with Faction Paradox and a return appearance from Godfather Morlock (my second favorite character in the audios), but really who cares? It's all about Shuncucker.