BBV's The Stranger Chronicales
The Last Mission

Format Compact Disc
Running Time 60 mins
Produced by BBV

Starring Colin Baker and Elisabeth Sladen
Producer Bill Baggs
Written by Nicholas Briggs

Synopsis: The Stranger has traversed the continuum in his adventures, always trying to escape a past which threatens to catch up with him. Now, however, Soloman recalls the events of years before, and we finally discover what set him on a road apart from the other preceptors.


A Review by Stuart Gutteridge 7/8/02

The Last Mission serves mainly as a tale to fill in the gaps left unanswered by the Stranger series on video. Told largely from Soloman`s point of view, this allows Colin Baker to diversify by narrating and by acting with his fellow cast members. The Last Mission is basically a flashback tale and for someone with little knowledge of the series, it works well particularly on audio. The small cast are uniformly excellent, Colin Baker does however sound uncomfortable or certainly less effective with Holly King`s Rose; the real revelation is Elisabeth Sladen who casts aside Sarah Jane and makes the role of Mirus Alexa her own. Recommended.