BBV's The Stranger Chronicales
Eye of the Storm

Format Tape and Compact Disc
Running Time 60 mins
Produced by BBV

Starring Colin Baker and David Troughton
Producer Bill Baggs
Written by Arthur Wallis

Synopsis: Egan, Saul and Soloman find themselves back on Earth. A young girl named Meta is involved in a dangerous experiment, and Egan may come to learn something about humans before it is over.


A Review by Stuart Gutteridge 16/8/02

For the most part Eye Of The Storm is Eye Of The Beholder in all but name and in audio format. A violent storm seperates Saul, Egan and Soloman who are all soon caught by the gun toting Sheila, one of the staff of computer programmer Hunter and Meta, a girl with "psychic" abilities. Unfortunately this means trouble for Egan...

Gothic in tone, Eye Of The Storm is an improvement over its video counterpart and is certainly far more atmospheric. The acting is also top notch, David Troughton is largely compassionate, Colin Baker charismatic and John Wadmore almost delinquent-like. Karen Henson steals the show as Meta, who is subtle yet mysterious. A strong plot, strong characters and strong effects then. Eye Of The Storm comes as recommended listening.