Big Finish Productions
Big Finish Talks Back:
The Audio Companions

Format Compact Disc Cover image
Released 2001

Featuring Maggie Stables, India Fisher, Lisa Bowerman

Synopsis: When Big Finish initially launched their range of Doctor Who audio dramas, it was with the intention of featuring the actors who had played the various Doctors and companions on screen. However, the company soon took the gamble of creating their own, brand-new, companion for the Time Lord - Dr Evelyn Smythe. A few months later, the Doctor was joined by Professor Bernice Summerfield and most recently by Edwardian adventuress Charley Pollard. Here the three actresses involved in bringing these characters to life discuss their memories, anecdotes and pleasure at being part of this never ending legacy...


Say 'Hi' From Me by Jamas Enright 23/5/02

This CD interview is with the three audio companions created by Big Finish, namely Lisa Bowerman (Bernice Summerfield), Maggie Stables (Evelyn Smythe) and India Fisher (Charley Pollard). Gary Russell hosts the session with the three of them together, and leads the questioning.

A broad range of topics is covered, including 'How did you come to the part?' and 'Where would you like to take your character?'. The ladies have a lot of fun in answering the questions, and feed off each other in a way that makes one want an audio adventure featuring the three of them.

Although all are given a fair share of the time, India Fisher tended to step in more with her opinion, and Maggie Stables took the back seat, so this CD would definitely be one for the Charley fans. (I got it as I'm a fan of Bernice Summerfield.)

At just under an hour, it's an entertaining look behind the scenes at the three new 'faces' of Audio Who.