The Doctor Who Audio Dramas
Empire of the Daleks



A Review by Daniel Burnett 28/5/00

Empire Of The Daleks was the first Audio Drama I actually heard on tape, the others I'd listened to in Real Audio format. So I was ready for much better quality…and I really must say that Real Audio doesn't do these stories any justice. So ordering these tapes is a far better idea (trust me).

Being one of his slightly later stories, Jeff Coburn was all tucked in the role of the Doctor and played him quite well when battling the evil force of the Daleks. Sheri Devine seemed to still be fitting in a bit, but was mostly OK. And Peter Hinchman was quite excellent as well, and although I'd only heard him for six episodes I was sorry to see him go.

This Audio Drama was the best I've heard so far. Mostly for it's fast moving, and yet slightly complex and entertaining plot. And, once more, it resembles absolutely no fanwank for other Dalek stories. I must admit I did like the climax for episode two. That sure was good stuff.

And it even came wrapped up with, yes, every Who fan's nightmare: Star Trek continuity! I personally don't like Star Trek very much, and was slightly annoyed with the constant reference in the early episodes. But even I grew to like some of these factors, and accepted it as good fun.

There aren't many bad parts of the story. At first the Dalek voices don't seem right, but you really do get used to it. But one or two different actors couldn't have hurt. (Well they all sounded the same.)

All in all, on the scale of one to ten, I give this a nine.

A Review by Charles Danbee 28/5/00

A masterpiece! It would not be hyperbole to say that Empire of the Daleks is not only one of the best, but possibly the best Doctor Who story out there. The Daleks are evil and threatening; it is wholly believable that these creatures are capable of creating the havoc depicted in this epic. The characters are all three dimensional, and Mark Triyad gets absolutely golden scenes in his last story. Colonel Crichton is shocking as the post-apocalyptic UNIT colonel, and Dara's realisation that her parents were most likely victims of the Dalek holocaust is truly heart rending. An example of Doctor Who at its finest. (9/10)