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Ace! The Inside Story of the End of an Era

Author IBSN #
Sophie Aldred and Mike Tucker 1 852 27574 X

Summary: An overview of the Classic Series' final companion and the special effects in the McCoy era.


A Review by Jamie Beckwith 8/6/12

This is a fantastic full-colour hardback book by Sophie Aldred with Mike Tucker that forms something of a memoir to the final two and a bit years of the original series of Doctor Who. Aldred covers the anecdotal side of things in a friendly and enthusiastic manner with everything from rehersals to filming and all her co-stars. I remember she used to write semi regularly for DWM with her reminiscences of the show and I do remember Ghost Light being a particular favourite. It comes across that she was a young actress who'd finally made her big break and who whilst excited remained very humbled by it and tried not to take it for granted.

Tucker comes from a different angle and is all about the special effects. This is technically interesting and you have to admire his skill in coming up with all these things on Who's microbudget, but it can read a little dry in comparison with Aldred.

The main draw of the book, though, will be the gorgeous photos, many published here and nowhere else, coming as they do from Aldred's personal collection. There's also a few done especially for the book from the great Remembrance-esque cover to Ace in her New Ace gear as seen in the New Adventure novels. Although Aldred looks dang hot, you can appreciate that had the NAs ever been filmed, she would have ended up looking pretty silly in the long run.