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All New! All Exciting!

Yes, folks, we've got all new content for you this year! Brand new stuff for 2005! We're sure you'll love what we have for you! Indeed, we decided to put new stuff for you this entire year! Just click on the current month, and you'll see the new content for that month! Yup, brand spankin' new! Totally... Not a single repeat. (Please ignore any 2003's that you might notice, those are just typos - really!)

January: Welcome to 2004 2005! We hope you made it here OK. We're celebrating the new year by having a sale on last year's Page Fillers. Order your very own Page Fillers Magnets™ right now! See the rest of this page for samples.

February: Ah, Valentine's Day. The time for all card companies to finally make their year's profits. And time for Page Fillers to have their Valentine's Day sale! Yes, purchase any of our ACME Page Fillers Magnets™ and get the other one half priced! See the rest of this page for samples.

March: Happy St. Patrick's Day! Although no one at ACME Page Fillers, Inc. is actually Irish, that never stops us from celebrating the Wearin' o' the Green! Check out the movies Leapin' Leprechauns and Spellbreaker: Secret of the Leprechauns for some Irish fun (starring everyone's favorite Scot, Sylvester McCoy). And when you're done, feel free to check out or St. Patricke's Day sale on our Page Fillers Magnets™. See the rest of this page for samples.

April: Not only is it Easter Time, but it's time for you yanks to get your taxes in! And, for those of you who will be getting refunds, this is the PERFECT time to buy some Page Fillers Magnets™ - now on sale - buy one, get 1 free! See the rest of this page for samples.

May: If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Pilgrims! Yes, celebrate spring by ordering a pack of ACME Page Fillers Magnets™, now on sale! See the rest of this page for samples.

June: School's out! School's out! Teacher's let the monkeys out! For many of you, this month is the start of summer vacation and what better way to start summer vacation than sticking your vacation plans on the fridge! And in order to do that, Page Fillers Magnets™ are just the right tool for you! Buy some today, see the rest of this page for samples.

July: Happy Independence Day! For those of you celebrating, remember that fireworks are for professionals only. Why not put the fireworks aside and play with some of our Page Fillers Magnets™ instead? They're much safer and just as colorful! See the rest of this page for samples.

August: The dog days of summer, for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere. Why not cool off with a cool treat from your coolly decorated freezer? What? You don't have a coolly decorated freezer? ACME Page Fillers Magnets™ can solve that problem for you! See the rest of this page for samples.

September: Well, summer was fun and all that, but it's time to get serious and get back to school. But thanks to Page Fillers Magnets™, afterschool snacks from the fridge can be even more fun than ever! See the rest of this page for samples!

October: Ooooooooh! It's scary out there with everyone dressed up for Halloween! Why not make a change from the usual Halloween treat - pass out Page Fillers Magnets™ instead? We now sell them by the gross! See the rest of this page for samples!

November: To thank our customers this Thanksgiving, we've decided to have a Thanksgiving sale. Now you can buy our Page Fillers Magnets™ for the special low price of *one third* of our regular price! See the rest of this page for samples!

December: Wow, the year sure flies by! Merry Christmas everyone! I know that's not terribly PC, but when has ACME ever been PC? And speaking of PC, be sure to keep your Page Fillers Magnets™ away from your PCs! Magnets & hard drives don't mix! But they still make GREAT Christmas presents! Buy some today - see the rest of this page for samples!

"So, do you think people will buy this as all new content?" "Of course they will! People are stupid and will believe anything you tell them!"

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